Sailing to Angel Island

Scouting the bay for a themed photo shoot

A friend posted on Facebook the other day, proposing the idea of doing a wedding themed photo shoot.  Nothing specific, just a loose idea. Before too long, she came up with the idea of doing the shoot on a boat, and asked me for input.  Since this is something I wanted to get into, I jumped on it.  Since my wife and I already had plans to go out sailing for the day, and we didn’t have a plan for the second half of the day, we decided to sail around and scout of good locations to shoot.

Once we came in the Gate, we headed down the SF city front, but there wasn’t much that fit in with my ideas for the shoot and that would be safe and/or legal. We decided to head down to Hunters Point, and look at the “ruins” of the point, and see if there was anything good on the way down.  There are some dry docks on the way down to Hunters Point, and a few container ship docks, but nothing all that spectacular. Hunters Point on the other hand, did not disappoint.  Lots of old buildings and piers, all run down, but not totally falling apart.  It seemed like it would make incredible background texture.

We then sailed across the bay, through the ship anchorage, and over to the Oakland Estuary.

Ships in the anchorage south of the Bay Bridge

While we were crossing the bay, the wind started to lighten up, so we shook out the reef in the main.  By the time we got near the estuary, the wind died completely, so we motored until we were well into the estuary, then went back to sailing and drifting with the current.  We only went so far as the cargo ship terminal, and then we decided to head back out into the bay to see what else we could find.

We headed up the bay past Yerba Buena island and Treasure Island, and then headed northwest over to the east side of Angel Island.

Sailing to Angel Island

While we were approaching Angel Island, we saw a whale, and a couple porpoises feeding off the southeaster point of the island, but we were unable to get close enough to get a picture.  We then sailed north along the east side of Angel, filming the couple of likely locations.

Quarry Point on Angel Island

China Cove on Angel Island

A note on the audio of the first China Cove video.  Most of the year these aren’t really open to swell, I misspoke.  This is generally the lee side of the island.  What it is open to is lots of wake waves from large and fast commercial traffic.

We discussed sailing up more to the north, but we were both getting tired and had enough sun for the day, so we headed back to Sausalito.

We will try to do another trip soon, and cover north around the Richmond Bridge, and up into San Pablo bay.

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