Intro Sail for Modern Sailing

My first week as a full time Pro

My final day with the software and quality job was the last day of November.  The first of December was a Friday, and also happened to be a work day for Alma, so that seemed like a great transition from desk job to sailor.  Alma’s sailing is done for the season, and the down rigging had started on Monday of that week, so they were pretty far along.  Our work for the day was taking the gaff and boom off of the foremast and getting them up on the pier, as well as the main topmast.  The gaff was already on the deck, the boom was still on the mast, and main top was on the dock next to the boat.  The process was to lift the spars up with the fore and main topping lifts, swing them overboard with a line through a block on the offshore buoy, and drop them into the water.  Then they were tied behind a row boat and rowed over to a pier at the north end of Fisherman’s Warf, hauled out of the water with a forklift and a chain fall, loaded onto a special cart, and wheeled down the street and back onto the pier.  Each one took a bit more than an hour. So getting the 3 done took the entire work day.

Towing a Spar

I took the weekend off, and used the time to try to start getting my tools and gear in order.  I also got a bit of much needed downtime to just relax.  We even got the dog to walk on the beach.  He is not a big fan of the water, especially the ocean.

Point Reyes with Treja and Veil

Monday December 4th was a work day with the rigging company in Alameda.  We spent the first day working on a custom built 46’ foot racer/cruiser.  The boat had hydraulic backstay, outhaul, and mast base.  The backstay and outhaul lines had both burst, so we ran all new hydraulic lines.  It was a bit of a challenge getting them pulled through the boat, but we managed without too much swearing.

Tuesday I was at Modern Sailing, back to work as a Tech, after taking time off of it to focus on my Captain’s License.  My first day back was filled with trying to work out electrical problems.

Wednesday was back to Alameda, working on weight reduction in a Santa Cruz 52. We’re trying to take some weight out of the boat, and also changing out all the standing rigging.  It’s changing from stainless steel rod rigging to all carbon fiber.  The owner at that job is thinking about what he is comfortable with me posting about the jobs there, so hopefully we can work that out soon, and I’ll be able to post some pictures and talk in more detail about it.

Thursday I was back at Modern.  It was a bit of a short day, as it was the company holiday lunch, but I still managed to get some good work done.  My main ongoing project there is to get their main offshore boat ready to race offshore.   One of the winches on the mast was damaged, and I was able to get it ready to go back on.  It’s a boat a love sailing, so I am very happy to be giving it a lot of my attention.   The one downside to the day, was noticing the passenger window in my car seemed to be missing when we came back from lunch.  I went to investigate, and it was still there, but down in the door, and the lift mechanism was broken.  With how early I’m getting up these days, and how cold it is that early in the morning, fixing it was a high priority.

Friday I was supposed to be working at Modern, but instead I stayed home to fix my car.  I had to pull the door all apart, but luckily the local Auto Zone had a new motor and track assembly in stock, so I was able to get it fixed.  On the plus side, it was nice to be able to sleep in a bit, and I got to spend some more time trying to get my tools in order.

Saturday was a day on the water.  I did an Introduction Sail in the morning and early afternoon for 6 people that had never sailed before.  It was an absolutely beautiful day on the water,  with a nice steady breeze lasting all day.  I then came in and switched boats, and skippered a boat for employees to go out and watch the Sausalito Lighted Boat Parade and watch the fireworks.  It was so nice out, we decided to go for a sail after, and sailed over to the city and back.

Intro Sail for Modern Sailing

Today, Sunday, was finally a day of rest.  Treja and I slept in this morning, then got up and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, all from scratch.  Then we drove down to Modern to retrieve the car we left there last night (Treja met me half way through the day Saturday, and we wanted to drive home together after the night sail) and returned some crappy screwdrivers I bought from Harbor Freight.  It has been a nice laid back day, and a much needed recharge.

The crappy screwdriver set brings me to another post idea I have.  When I worked as a carpenter, I used to post reviews of tools I purchased or used, and I think I’m going to start doing that again.  Both for tools I buy and use in my rigging and tech work, but also in sailing gear I buy.  I’ll be buying a lot of tools in the near future, so I’ll post reviews of anything that really stands out, either  good or bad.

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