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I asked, and the sailing world is delivering

I haven’t had much time or energy to write lately.  When I have the mental energy for it, I’m too busy.  When I have the time, I’m too wiped out.

I have had multiple posts that I wanted to make, but just couldn’t get it together.  I’ve finally got a mellow day, and while I’m sore, I’m feeling fairly well rested.

My sailing career is coming along well.  It has been slow season for teaching, so most of my time has been spent working on boats, with a little teaching here and there.  I’m also back with the SF Maritime National Historic Park, but this time as a part time employee. I’m still working for the rigger in Alameda, and now also working with a company that does sailboat electronics .  I’m purposefully keeping all the jobs part time and flexible, with the hopes that I can mesh them together and keep the income relatively steady.  So far, it’s working well, and I’m hoping I can keep it going.  Time will tell.

Since much of my work is on very competative race boats, I can’t talk about the details of what I’m doing, but I will try to tell the stories I can.  But I can talk about the work at the Martime Museum and teaching.  I’ll also talk about what I can of the other work.

The work on Alma has been fun, and really interesting.  There were some final details left to do on the downrig, and then it was hauled out at Bay Ship in Alameda.  Regretfully they changed the haul out day to a day where I was teaching, so I missed it, but I was there 2 days later to start work on the boat.  We’ve done some more downrigging, dropped the anchors, pulled out the centerboard (with the help of a crane), and I’ve gotten to see some parts of the boat that I had never seen before.

Alma high and dry
Anchor chain
Anchor chain
Alma rudder

More to come as she gets put back together.

Next weekend I hopefully get to do one of my favorite races of the year, the Double Handed Farallones.  It should be a go, I’ve just got to squeeze in a bit of time to get the boat ready.  I’ll try to get some pictures if it happens. Other than that, it’s just going to be a lot more of the same.  Lots of working on boats, a good amount of sailing, and feeling like there are not enough days in the week to get it all done.

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