Switching gears, for sailing and for the blog

My sailing career has shifted.  Where it used to be more focused on racing and performance skills, now my focus is shifting towards offshore sailing, navigation, and exploring new destination ideas in the SF Bay, the Delta, and on the California coast.  The goals with the destination sails are to create cruising guides for the location, and potentially set up skippered charters or flotillas to those destinations.   I’m doing this as part of my work for Modern Sailing, but I will be posting it all on here as well.

So far, we’ve done a trip to Benicia, to Owl Harbor Marina up in the Delta, and up the Napa River to Napa Valley Marina and the Napa Valley Yacht Club for wine tasting.  I regularly sail to Drakes Bay, Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, and Monterey as part of the coastal sailing classes, but I will be developing cruising guides and skippered charters to those places as well, starting with Half Moon Bay next month.

For the posts, I’ll be using Navionics software, since it is currently the most common navigation app.  I’ll be setting up the routes with their “automatic” feature when possible, and will point out any issues I have with it, and any time I disagree with it’s plot.

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