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This last year has been an insanely busy one.  I’ve accomplished many things, but have been struggling to find the time and the mental space to write about it.  There has been a delivery south into Mexico, and a delivery back north from Santa Barbara back to SF.  Lots of teaching and a couple other instructor levels reached, and another shift in the focus of my business.  And even more fun, there has been a huge focus on the planning and prep for a 2 month long trip by sail. That upcoming trip, I plan to document on here.  So instead of pushing to finish everything I have partially done, I’m going to go for a “catch up” post for the last year, and then finish up the partials when I get back.

So let’s list it out… in roughly chronological order.

Delivery to Ensenada:  For this one, the delivery was the easy part; the shake down was the real trouble.  The boat was a used catamaran that had just been repowered.  There were cooling problems with one of the engines, and in dealing with that, we found that the motor mounts were all only finger tight.  Once I dealt with both those problems, other than some work on the running rigging, everything was minor.  We had a nice trip down to Ensenada with a beautiful sunrise while crossing the border.  I hate what all the fires we’ve had in the last two years do the environment and my lungs, but they do make for beautiful sun rises and sunsets.

Crossing the Mexico border.

The boat moved into a really nice resort marina a bit north of the main harbor of Ensenada, named Hotel Coral and Marina.  They had great services to help get us and the boat through customs and immigration, as well as getting us back across the border.  I will definitely be visiting them again.

ASA Advance Coast Cruising Instruction:  Last year I was heavily focused on getting my skills up to par to teach this course, while shadowing the head instructor at Modern as his First Mate on these courses.  This year, I took the lead, and was teaching on my own, and training other instructors for the offshore courses and destination sails.  We had the normal range of Drake’s Bay to Monterey, with a bit of groundwork laid to expanding that range both north and south.  I had lots of beautiful sailing in both nice weather and rough, and more whales and dolphins than I’ve ever seen in a single year.

Delivery up the coast: This one was especially fun, since Treja came along as crew, but it was definitely a rough trip.  We were delivering a race boat that had been sitting idle for a few years, so lots of teething problems.  The electronics acted up constantly, and we clogged lots of fuel filters.  The boat only had a 21 gallon fuel capacity, in two tanks, so fuel management on the trip was a huge concern, especially after the stitching came loose in the main while going around Point Conception. 

ASA Celestial Navigation Instructor: This one was a bit of a struggle.  Being dyslexic, this qualification was challenging for me.  Not because of the math, but because of all terms and acronyms and abbreviations for those terms.  Knowing enough to do the work is one thing, but having it down so hard that you can stand in the front of a classroom and teach it is another.  Of all the instructor courses I’ve complete, this is the one gave me the largest sense of accomplishment.  

Mexico Trip planning and prep: This will be another post all of its own, and I’ll be writing that shortly.  But it lead to one other thing I wanted to talk about, and that is the shift in my business that is coming.  The boat we’re taking to Mexico needed a lot of work.  I have been hired on to complete much of that work.  To do that properly, I needed to move the working on boats part of my business a bit more to the forefront, and get my insurance for that completed.  With that done, next year I will be focusing heavily on developing that side of my business, and the education needed to further grow.  Next year I’m hoping to take courses through ABYC for electrical and corrosion control, and may branch into electronics as well if I have time.

There is a ton more that I want to say about all these things, but that will have to wait, since I want to write about the Mexico trip more. 

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