Not quite going as planned

So, in other words, a typical sailing trip…

My intentions were to write a post at the end of each leg. SF to San Diego, the Baja Haha, the trip to La Paz, and so on. Here I am, sitting in the marina’s “cruiser’s lounge” in La Paz, and I’m just now having some time to write. The trip from SF to San Diego was a bit on the brutal side, so the whole time in San Diego was filled with working on the boat, and towards the end I also managed to badly sprain my ankle, so that also ate into my time to get stuff done. We were churning so hard in San Diego, that we ended up starting the Haha almost 2 hours late, because we were still working. So the new plan, is to put up some fun pictures and quick posts as I go, and then when I’m home and sitting in Palm Desert with my parents for Xmas, I’ll do a full write up on each leg of the journey.

Celestial Navigation in rough weather. Also known as “trying not to puke on my charts”

Wing on wing, poled out and prevented. This was how we sailed 95% of the Baja Haha. Not enough wind to push hard in this one, but we were flying most of the time.
Just another beautiful sunset on the way south.

I think that’s a good teaser for now… and I want to go back to the boat and get my foot up for a while, since we’re going out on the town tonight. I’ll be in and around Bahia de La Paz for the next couple weeks, and I’ll try to get another post out when that is done. After that, we leave Cabo San Lucas bound for San Diego again. That leg of the trip will be all off shore, and navigated all through celestial navigation and dead reckoning.

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