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About that ankle

Throughout the rest of the trip, and even after I got home, the ankle was having a lot of trouble healing.  I got an x-ray when I got home in December, but it didn’t show anything.  Then, when it still wasn’t healing right, I got an MRI in early February, and finally found the problem.  Three damaged ligaments, which I was expecting, and a non displaced break in my heel bone, with a hematoma behind the break in the marrow, which I was not. 

After a while trying to find a Orthopedic Surgeon that took my insurance, we had a bit of a debate on how to fix it.  The break wasn’t in an area that could be screwed back together, and since I was apparently regularly re-breaking it, the first option was to go in and just remove it.  After some discussion with the doctor about what I do for a living, she thought it would be best to put me in a CAM boot, use an ultrasound bone stimulator on it once a day, stay off of it as much as possible, and see if it would heal up.

On March 12th, I got new ankle x-rays, and got examined by my Ortho Doc, and she said, as long as I was careful, I could start working again.  I just had to stay in the CAM boot, and not actually go sailing.  Just working on boats at the dock.  I started lining up work, and was set to go back to work on March 16th.  As we probably all remember, that was the day that Shelter In Place was ordered in the 6 main Bay Area counties.  So, I took the time to work on things at home as much as I could.  Getting my shop space in order, working on projects that I’ve been putting off to focus on my sailing career, and working on my website.

The one thing I haven’t been able to get my brain to do, is work on my writing.  I’m not sure if “writer’s block” is the correct word for it, but with all the stress of the injury and the pandemic, my brain has been totally unable to focus on writing.  Even the plan to get a bunch of writing done in Palm Desert ended up being a bust, since my whole family got incredibly sick, with something who’s symptoms bear a striking resemblance to Covid 19.  I got some work done for the first 5 days of the trip, then spent the rest of the time in bed wondering if I needed to go to the hospital.

Now that things are finally starting to ease, Covid wise, I’m trying to get back to the writing, and back to working on boats.  The bright sides of the shelter in place, for me, has been extra time to heal up the ankle, and increased educational opportunity.  The ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) is now offering their certification courses online.  If you’re not familiar with the ABYC, it’s similar to ASE for automotive technicians.  Before this, they were in person, rarely held on the West Coast, and when they were, were generally in Southern California, or Washington.  I’m currently 2/3 of the way through my Boat Systems certification, and then go straight into my Electrical Certification.

Once life gets a bit more back to normal, and I’m not freaking out about not working and personal financial chaos and ruin, I’m hoping my writing mojo will come back.  There is a ton to write about with the Mexico trip, some bad, mostly good, and one crazy tale to tell.

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