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Sometimes you tack, sometimes you change ships

So… If you haven’t read my previous blog post The Year of the Header, then go back and read that first.  This won’t make a ton of sense without that as a foundation.

I was sailing along, tacking when the winds of fate changed, and the changes started coming faster and faster, and they became more and more severe.  Some of those changes were good things, some weren’t.  Some were incredible opportunities that I never would have seen coming, some were opportunities that seemed great at the start and turned out to be shit, and some were just the normal old setbacks.

Because of the ankle and the shut down, and I had to stop teaching on the water.  To heal and financially survive, working as a boat technician went from being my side hustle to being my primary occupation.  Having that breathing space away from teaching made me realize that teaching sailing was not working for me, at least in the environment I was teaching in.  I love teaching, but I needed to find a new way.

My wife Treja was also at the point where she needed to take the next step up with her career, so we started looking at how we could both get what we wanted.  An idea formed about moving to the east coast, with the front runner being the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.  This would give me new sailing grounds to explore, a much more robust sailing industry, and the availability of more interesting boat projects.  For her, it was a change of scenery and a physical environment she really likes. We started making plans in that direction, and then the winds of fate made a huge shift again.  Treja’s business started to seriously take off, and I got an opportunity to work for another organization on an interesting and far-reaching maritime project.  Both of these made it so we needed to stay here a while longer.  My opportunity didn’t pan out, but Treja’s sure as hell did.

So, I started rethinking everything, and while I’m still working out the details, it is very apparent that large shifts in the “wind” are coming, and big changes in my life and career are going to need to happen to handle those shifts.  I’m no longer just tacking.  It’s time to change boats!

We still plan to be increasing our time in Florida starting next year, but how much and how fast it will increase will depend on how well Treja’s businesses can function without her being on site.  We’ll start with short trips with good communication availability, and then increase the time away and decrease the communication level gradually and see what needs to be improved.


So… what does that mean for now?

It means that I am working on setting up new ways to do the things I want to do on and around the water.

I am still working on boats, but I am being very choosy about the projects I take.  If the job isn’t something that contributes to where I’m trying to go or isn’t for one of my clients that I really like working with, I don’t take it.

I am still teaching here and there, but only private lessons.  I am no longer associated with any sailing schools, and don’t really see myself going back to that environment in the near future. I am working with a few friends to find ways to teach sailing the way I want to.

Largely, my focus is to work on my skills.  Writing skills, photography and videography, drones for videography and navigation in uncharted areas, SCUBA, freediving, fishing and spear fishing, kayaking in rough conditions. More things will probably come up, but that seems a big enough list for now.

We are also working on owning a vessel again.  This time it will be a power boat. I still prefer sail boats, but I need something that is trailer-able, can cover ground quickly, and get me into and out of trouble fast, sleep 4 comfortably, and carry a lot of dive gear.  Even better if I can squeeze a dive compressor onto it and have room to pile on a bunch of kayaks and a dinghy.  We’re still planning on getting a large sailboat, but that will be in a year or two.

One other large effort right now is to get back in shape.  The broken heelbone, 2 bouts of Covid, and a couple years of general lethargy and sloth has taken a toll on me.  Things that I used to be able to do all day long now leave me winded, and overly sore the next day.  It’s being a slow process of climbing out of that hole, but it’s happening.  Happily, I also have more and more time available to be able to work on it in fun ways.

This blog is where I will be posting much of the results of working on my writing skills, along with photo and video projects. I know this post is a little on the dry side… I will do my best to get back to the pretty pictures and videos as soon as I can.

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