Instruction and Coaching on your own vessel

I am available as an instructor for general sailing lessons, developing and improving individual sailing skills, developing and improving navigation skills, or general sailing career growth. We can work within the ASA standards, or structure a class based on your specific needs.

My base rate is $60 per hour for one student, with a 4 hour minimum. For additional students, rates are as follows:

  • 2 people is $75 per hour, or $37.50 per hour per person
  • 3 people is $90 per hour, or $30.00 per hour per person
  • 4 people is $105 per hour, or $26.25 per hour per person
ASA Certification

If you are seeking ASA certification, I am available to teach with ASA Certification through Modern Sailing in Sausalito. This instruction can be on one of Modern Sailing’s boats or your own. I am available for ASA levels from Basic Keelboat (101) through Celestial Navigation (107), as well as Cruising Catamaran (114). I can help you arrange instruction through the school with me as your instructor for ASA certification, or you can contact them yourself. Just tell them you heard about Modern Sailing from Sail McClish and request Blaine McClish as your instructor.

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